GRAPHIC VIDEO: What should you do when a dog attacks?

Video: Courtesy of the ABC


A man has been caught on camera beating a dog to death with a cricket bat while it, along with another large dog, attacked a small pug.

Witnesses have told ABC the incident took place at the front of a North Canberra home.

2GB’s resident veterinary expert Dr Robert Zammit tells Ben Fordham force is sometimes necessary to stop a dog attack.

“You’ve got to take action, or at least I would, and having a weapon is, unfortunately, the best way to do it in this way.

“If you look at the footage, the man doesn’t lay right into [the dogs]. He’s trying to stop them doing it. He keeps repeatedly beating them because they won’t let go.

“With the greatest respect, the owner of the dogs should have been a bit more proactive in trying to stop this attack.”

WATCH the video below