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‘What scares me the most’: Gladys Berejiklian’s deepest fear ahead of the state election

In studio with Alan Jones

The Premier has revealed her biggest fear ahead of next month’s state election.

Gladys Berejiklian is on a knife-edge, sitting at 50-50 with Labor in the polls.

The government is struggling to cut through with its messaging, with Opposition leader Michael Daley’s wrecking ball approach gaining traction.

The Premier tells Alan Jones what terrifies her most about the March 23 polls is what would happen if Labor wins.

“What scares me the most, more than anything…”

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Is there a bloke in your government who wants you to lose the election?

The question had Ms Berejiklian shifting in her seat but Alan repeatedly asked if the Premier supports rogue Energy Minister Don Harwin and his huge emissions targets.

Harwin wants Australia to aim for zero net emissions by 2050 and has called Prime Minister Scott Morrison “out of touch”.

Ms Berejiklian categorically denied this is her government’s position, saying her energy policy is driven by “two primary principles”.

The government has also decided to go ahead with the demolition of the Sydney Football Stadium, less than two months out from the election.

Michael Daley has labelled the move “arrogant” but Premier Berejiklian says it’s vital.

“Our state deserves the best road, rail, schools and hospital infrastructure, but also our cultural and sporting infrastructure.

“For us, it’s not either or, it’s all of the above.

“I’m sick of hearing about how good Victoria or Queensland are with their stadia.”

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In studio with Alan Jones