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‘What a load of absolute rubbish!’: Chris Smith slams university’s pro-North Korean article

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Chris Smith has slammed an article in a University of Sydney student newspaper which praises North Korea.

The article published in the ‘Honi Soit’ is written by a PhD candidate and is titled ‘Nine days in North Korea’.

In the article, the author writes about his recent trip to North Korea, as a guest of the North Korean government.

Chris is outraged at the positive picture of the dictatorship he attempts to paint, asking whether the author doubts “the thousands of accounts by defectors exposing the human rights abuse?”

“The torture, the forced labour, widespread poverty… because he said ‘I didn’t see a homeless person and the people at the embassy are convinced it is one of the safest places to live'”.

The article goes on to say the North Korean society is “a highly organised one with significant levels of mass participation”, and they saw “a highly organised, egalitarian and energised society”.

The author even goes on to say the country is credibly standing up to the United States.

“What a load of absolute rubbish… in fact, it is probably closer to disgusting!” says Chris.

“The North Korean regime isolates its people from the rest of the world, not because it’s standing up to anyone. But because of a leader’s twisted desire to control its people.

“To smother freedom and human rights.

“Its dictator is happy for people to die from a lack of food and from disease, so he can pour more money into nuclear weapons.

“This is the country that has basically held the world to ransom with threats of war”.

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