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‘We’re going to come after you’: Matt Kean stands up for the environment

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The saga of the illegal asbestos dump at Arcadia continues with the landowner challenging clean-up orders in court.

In 2017 at least 20,000 tonnes of asbestos-contaminated material was discovered at a property on Geelans Road, Arcadia.

Despite repeated complaints about the site, an investigation wasn’t launched until Ray Hadley made the situation public and the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) subsequently shut down the ‘equestrian arena’ turned asbestos dump.

Ray Hadley has demanded the NSW Environment and Energy Minister Matt Kean explain why “it is now 2020 … and it’s still dragging on”, with no plans to remediate the site and local residents “struggling” to get any information.

The Environment Minister said the landowners are challenging the clean-up notice in court and confidentiality agreements mean he can’t keep the community informed of the progress.

“If you’ve broken the law, I don’t care who you are; we’re going to come after you and we’re throwing the book at you,” said Mr Kean.

“We’re backing the environment, we’re backing the community and we’re going after these people”.

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