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‘We can do better’, NSW Education Minister calls for urgent scrapping of NAPLAN

NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes is calling for the urgent scrapping of NAPLAN tests, saying they’re being used dishonestly.

Minister Stokes tells Alan Jones he isn’t against standardised tests, but NAPLAN isn’t the right one.

“We can do better.

“We’ve got better tools. We can do a better, more formative assessment that measures student growth.”

He says the tool, which rates a student’s understanding of literacy and numeracy, isn’t giving teachers the information they need.

“It’s real utility should be as a diagnostic tool to help teachers identify where students are struggling.

“The problem is, the data from NAPLAN isn’t published until at least six months later.”

Mr Stokes says although other state education ministers have “misgivings” about the test, they’re “locked in” by the Commonwealth.

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