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WATCH: CCTV footage captures horrific attack at ALDI

Extraordinary CCTV footage has been released, showing a man storming into an ALDI store and beginning a frenzied attack.

The drug-influenced male, Mervyn Davidson, can be seen storming into the Albion Park store armed with a baseball bat.

He approaches a defenceless female shop assistant and begins bashing her in the head.

The female worker was knocked unconscious during the botched armed robbery and was treated in hospital for bleeding on the brain.

She is yet to return to work full time.

The video also shows shoppers rushing to stop Davidson, ramming him with a trolley and tackling him to the ground.

In his court hearing on Monday, Davison claims he was on the drug ice at the time and has no memory of the attack.

He was charged over the incident and will be sentenced next Thursday.

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Ben Fordham