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Warren Mundine hits back at Mark Latham’s ‘bigoted, racist’ comment

Mark Latham has gone after prominent Indigenous leader and Liberal candidate Warren Mundine.

The One Nation candidate said, if elected, his party would introduce compulsory DNA testing for anyone claiming to be Indigenous.

Those applying for welfare programs would need to prove they have at least 25 per cent Indigenous ancestry.

Warren Mundine called the plan “insanity”.

Mark Latham has hit back at the comment, telling Ben Fordham that Mr Mundine needs to do his research.

“Warren’s obviously worried, I’ve got him worried there because he might be concerned about his own DNA test.

“The truth is he needs to do his research.”

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But Warren Mundine has slammed the comment, saying there are no financial benefits to being Aboriginal.

“That is the most bigoted, racist comment I’ve ever heard.

“Why should Aboriginal people be singled out to do a DNA test for a welfare payment that every Australian gets?”

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