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‘Wake up to yourself!’: Ray Hadley unleashes after being threatened with legal action

The Blue Mountains City Council saga just doesn’t seem to end, and now the disgraced council is calling Ray Hadley a liar.

The council’s lawyers have accused Ray of championing a campaign of “false, malicious and unsubstantiated allegations” against them since November last year.

The accusation comes after Ray revealed numerous cases of asbestos mismanagement at various sites – including a child care centre, a preschool and a waste management facility.

Blue Mountains City Council is denying wrongdoing and claims Ray has made “repeated inaccurate reports” (see full statement below).

NSW Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton moved to suspend the council in February but will wait on the findings of a public inquiry before moving ahead.

A senior government source has told Ray the council tried to tell Safe Work NSW someone planted asbestos at Springwood Depot, the most recent location put under the microscope.

Neither Safe Work NSW or the council have addressed these claims.

In March, the council’s General Manager Rosemary Dillon wrote to Ms Upton saying the council had become “suspicious” that a someone was “actively engaged in the creation of situations and occurrences” to make sure the council remains the target of media.

But apparently, Ray is the one telling fibs.

“I tell you what I do, Rosemary,” Ray says. “I knock off here at midday, I jump in my car, I drive out to the Blue Mountains with a bag full of asbestos and I just sprinkle it everywhere I can.

“I mean for God’s sake… wake up to yourself!

“I guess I’ll wait for someone to question me and go through my car and make sure that I don’t have any asbestos in the boot that I’m dropping out there.”

Click PLAY below to hear Ray Hadley slam Blue Mountains City Council for calling him a liar

Ray says it seems the council is so focused on gagging him, they’re not fixing their own problems.

“I wish I’d never heard of any of you. I wish I wasn’t doing it, but I’m concerned about the workers who’ve been ingesting asbestos for God knows how long.

“While you sit on your bums and do nothing, people’s lives are being put at risk.”

Full Statement: Blue Mountains City Council