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Turkish court refuses to extradite notorious Australian IS terrorist

Australia’s most wanted terrorist Neil Prakash could be freed from custody in Turkey after a court rejected a request to extradite him.

The notorious IS fighter has been behind bars in Turkey for more than two years and is accused of planning terror attacks on Australian soil.

The federal government has been working to extradite the Melbourne-born terrorist but the request has rejected by a Turkish court.

The Prime Minister is disappointed by the decision, saying Prakash “is a threat to the security of Australia”.

The federal government has vowed to continue working with Turkish authorities and could appeal the court’s decision.

Terrorism expert Professor Greg Barton tells Chris Smith the judge who made the decision against Prakash’s extradition didn’t really have a choice considering the rise of Turkish President Recep Erdoğan and his regime.

“Unforuntaley this reminds us that in this last two years, the independent judiciary, along with the media and everything else, has gone completely.

“This judge really had no choice but to make the ruling he made. It’s not based on legal evidence, it’s based on what President Erdoğan wants.”

Professor Barton says Prakash’s freedom now relies on whether Turkey deems the notorious terrorist to be a threat to their people.

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