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Trump impeachment: Speaker Pelosi plans formal inquiry over Ukraine phone call

The US Speaker Nancy Pelosi has confirmed an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

Speaker Pelosi had previous stood against impeachment calls, arguing the move could bring a political backlash.

But she has this morning responded to growing calls for an impeachment inquiry to begin over President Trump’s apparent bid to find dirt from Ukraine over the son of his potential rival, Joe Biden.

Mr Trump has admitted in a July phone call with the Ukraine president, he discussed Joe Biden in the context of fighting “corruption” in the country.

This has prompted significant concerns around the potential pressuring of a foreign leader to investigate a domestic political opponent.

There has never been any evidence of wrongdoing by Mr Biden nor his son.

“It’s really sad to think the president would perform an impeachable offence, it’s hard,” Speaker Pelosi said.

Mr Biden has now come out in support of impeachment efforts unless President Trump provides a full account of his telephone call with the Ukrainian leader.

US correspondent Harley Carnes tells Alan Jones he believes Nancy Pelosi has been pushed into the inquiry by other Democrats.

“All of this is just political theatre because there’s no way in the Senate it passes and he ever gets impeached.”

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