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Tony Abbott says the public can’t trust Bill Shorten

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott says the Australian public can’t trust Bill Shorten.

Mr Abbott has slammed the Opposition Leader’s flipping position on Queensland’s Adani coal mine.

“I thought the new Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack had a pretty good line in question time today when he said that the faceless man has become the two-faced man,” he tells Ben Fordham.

“He says one thing in North Queensland, he says another thing in inner-city Melbourne.

“If a politician says different things to different audiences, you just can’t trust him and that’s the problem with the leader of the Opposition.

“I don’t think the Australian people can trust him. I think the Australian people are realising that Bill Shorten has a credibility deficit.

“This is one of the reasons why the Coalition still has a fighting chance of winning the next election.”

Mr Abbott also says the left’s position on a cashless welfare card defies “common sense”.

“They say the right thing but they never do the right thing.

“The only thing that the Labor Party really stands for these days is, it’s a working-class party that’s become a welfare class party.”

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