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Tony Abbott: Malcolm Turnbull can win the next election

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Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has put his differences with Malcolm Turnbull aside, saying his successor can win the next election.

The first Newspoll for the year has the government trailing Labor 48 – 52 after preferences, a slight improvement on its standing at the end of 2017.

Despite still being in an election-losing position, Mr Abbott has told Ray Hadley all is not lost.

“What this poll indicates is what I’ve been saying all along Ray, that is that the next election is winnable for the coalition, provided we sharpen up the policy difference with Labor.

“It’s good that government ministers, from the Prime Minister down, have been on the front foot against Labor.

“What we need to do also is complement that by sharpening up our difference.

“The point I keep making is we can dramatically take the pressure off power prices if we build a new coal-fired power station and end the emissions obsession.

“The other thing we can do is we can boost wages and make housing more affordable if we scale back immigration quite substantially.

“If we want to make it easier for workers and easier to get ahead and easier for homebuyers lets very substantially scale back immigration, at least until infrastructure and housing have kept up.”

Mr Abbott also comments on Australia’s worsening ice problem, NSW Labor’s plan to fly the Aboriginal flag atop the Sydney Habour Bridge, the ongoing dual citizenship scandal, state Liberal Party reform and his sister Christine Forster’s marriage.

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