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14 years since we lost one of the greats

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Today marks 14 years since the shock death of Continuous Call Team member Peter Frilingos.

‘Chippy’ collapsed at his desk and died of a heart attack, at just 59-years-of-age.

He was one of Ray’s closest friends, he was a mentor, a confidante and loved by all who knew him.

Ray remembers Chippy’s wicked sense of humour.

“When I started doing this type of program, he phoned me the first day we won the ratings in 2003, about a year before he died.

“He said, ‘well, that’ll do me’.

“‘How a dope like you can win a radio ratings doing talkback has got me beat’, and then he started laughing.”

Chippy will always hold a special place at The Daily Telegraph, where he was Chief Rugby League Writer, 2GB and especially for Ray.

“Peter Frilingos; a great contributor to rugby league, a great contributor to journalism, but more importantly from my point of view, he was a great contributor to my life.”

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Image: The Daily Telegraph