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Thousands of Australians are vaping illegally

Thousands of Australians are breaking the law in an attempt to break their smoking habits.

Over 250,000 Australians vape nicotine as a smoking alternative, a practice which is illegal without a prescription.

Tobacco treatment specialist, Dr Colin Mendelsohn, tells Chris Kenny smokers need to have easier access to the alternative.

“We know vaping is far safer than smoking and it’s a helpful substitute for a lot of smokers who just can’t otherwise quit.

“Over the long term, the risk is no more than 5% of smoking.”

Dr Mendelsohn says nicotine vaping has had huge success overseas and should be adapted on our shores.

“It’s the most popular quitting aid in the US and the UK. We know millions have quit using this product.

“The health department just can’t get its head around it.”

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