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‘Absolutely critical’: Jim Wilson’s fight for brain cancer funding heeded by Health Minister

The federal Health Minister says treating brain cancer in children is a multi-million dollar mission for the government.

Earlier this year, the federal government pledged a $400 million investment in medical research funding.

In June, $66 million was committed in the search for a coronavirus vaccine.

Jim Wilson confronted Health Minister Greg Hunt to ask if the vaccine funding took money away from other “vital research projects”.

The issue of medical research funding is very close to Jim’s heart, he revealed, due to the loss of his son to brain cancer.

“One of the big things with Sam, my 6-year-old, and his legacy, is the fact that we need to do more, and fund more of our best researchers and scientific brains.

“Right now, the attrition rate is quite frankly a national disgrace.”

Mr Hunt made assurances that no project would be left behind, and told Jim brain cancer is the government’s $125 million mission.

Though Australia is a world leader with a 20 per cent survival rate, the Health Minister admitted “that’s not a survival rate any of us would want”.

“We will have significant research funding.

“It’s dedicated to projects that [treat] medulloblastoma, glioblastoma in kids.

“You understand, you’ve lived this much more than I have, but this is absolutely critical.”

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