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‘This is a disgrace’: Jim Wilson slams border debacles destroying lives

Jim Wilson says border debacles are “costing lives” and the states are busy “passing the buck”.

The latest border tragedy involves the death of an unborn twin after a Ballina-based mother waited 16 hours for an emergency flight to a Sydney hospital after a doctor advised her she wouldn’t be able to cross the border.

“Queensland Health says ‘NSW Health misinterpreted the border rules’; here we go more buck-passing and deflections, more bureaucratic red tape,” says Jim.

“Meantime, a mother has lost a child.

“This is a disgrace … it is simply unacceptable!”

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As for the NSW-Victoria border, Jim has been working for weeks trying to help a rural Victorian resident, Katie Donaldson, travel to see her gravely ill mother in the Blue Mountains.

Katie has told Jim, despite reaching out to all levels of government, she has not “had so much as a phone call”.

“I have had absolutely no correspondence from NSW Health, from Brad Hazzard, from John Barilaro, absolutely nothing.

“I can’t even get someone to call me, it honestly defies comprehension.

“I have never felt so lost or irrelevant in my whole life.”

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