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This driver thought watching a movie behind the wheel was a good idea

Ben Fordham
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We all know not to touch our phones behind the wheel.

But do we really need to be told not to watch movies while we’re driving?

Ben Fordham’s been sent footage from a Sydney Live listener, Belinda, that shows a female driver watching a video will traffic is moving.

It truly has to be seen to be believed.

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Belinda tells Ben she started to get a bit suspicious when the distracted driver continued to get too close to the back of their vehicle.

“We thought when she drove past we’ll have a look and see what she’s doing, assuming she was texting or on the phone.

“When we saw… she had an actual movie playing and she was fully watching it, I nearly dropped dead I couldn’t believe it.”

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Traffic and Highway Patrol Command Chief Inspector Phillip Brooks says they’re currently looking for the driver in the video.

“It’s shocking. And for all the reasons Belinda highlights, that driver is doing the wrong thing on our roads,” he tells Ben.

Mr Brooks says the driver could lose five demerit points and face a $337 fine for “using a video display unit while driving”.

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Ben Fordham