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‘They’ve alienated their customers’: Miranda Devine slams plastic bag ban

Luke Grant

Coles has delivered the latest chapter in the plastic bag ban debacle.

The supermarket giant yesterday confirmed it will offer their 15 cent reusable bags free of charge. Though how long this will last is uncertain, the move is aimed at easing the transition for customers as the retailer ditches single-use bags.

But Miranda Devine isn’t happy with the broader bag clampdown across supermarkets, saying it is nothing more than a profitable line of corporate virtue signalling with little environmental dividend.

“It isn’t a very clever move,” says Miranda.

“They’ve alienated so many of their customers. The attitude I detect is just sullen resignation. Like all these green schemes, we all suffer from them, we all know that they don’t actually do anything to improve the environment.”

Research conducted in Germany has indicated this may be the case. The study suggested ninety per cent of global waterway plastic comes from ten rivers, none of which are Australian.

Predictably, this has hauled the environmental benefits of the scheme into question.

“We are so browbeaten by the power of the green movement that has infiltrated corporations so deeply,” Miranda says.

“I think all of us want to make the environment better. We don’t want filthy skies, dirty streets, clogged waterways or animals dying. None of us want that.”

“But we’re also wise enough to understand when companies are just doing empty, vacuous virtue signalling which does nothing for the environment and puts extra cost on people who are already suffering from the cost of living.”

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Luke Grant