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‘They ought to be thrown in jail!’: Steve Price blasts Bupa aged care facility

Steve Price has slammed Bupa after it was alleged a cancer sufferer in one of its Gold Coast facilities was found with maggots crawling in his ear.

Earlier in the year, another Bupa facility was under the spotlight after maggots were found in a resident’s head wound.

Steve says Bupa needs to explain after 15 of 30 of its nursing homes in NSW failed in reaching basic care benchmarks over the last four years.

“Today’s story… is beyond belief. It makes me feel sick. The operators of that home ought to be thrown in jail.

“This is Australia 2019… these hard-working, tax-paying Australians deserve to be cared for in their old age, not treated like some nuisance to be shoved in a dark corner and forgotten.

“Bupa should wake up. As I said this is not going to go away and neither will we.“

National Seniors CEO Professor John McCallum tells Steve there have been many inquiries but nothing has been fixed.

“In the last six years we’ve had 36 public inquiries into aged care and before that 14… so that’s around 50 inquires in the last 12 years and we haven’t fixed it.

“It’s sort of like systemic failure really.

“It’s really unthinkable… it’s a sign of what’s been going on behind the scenes.”

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