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‘There will be blood on the government’s hands’: Shark drumlines to be removed

Swimmers lives could be put at risk this summer as some shark control methods will be removed.

Drumlines used to kill sharks will be removed from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park after the Queensland government failed to appeal a court ruling in favour of a greens group.

The Federal Court upheld a ruling that killing sharks did nothing to reduce the risk of unprovoked attacks.

Drumlines from 27 beaches from Cairns to Gladstone will be removed.

Independent Queensland MP Jason Costigan tells Karl Stefanovic the drumlines need to stay.

“It may not be popular, it may not be politically correct but they have stood the test of time since the early sixties.

“And they have withstood the argy-bargy of politics with the left and the right.

“We’re flirting with danger, there will be blood in the water and there will be blood on the government’s hands”.

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Karl Stefanovic