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The untold story of a Lancaster bomber crew shot down in WWII

An incredible new book tells the story of an RAAF Lancaster bomber shot down during World War Two.

On February 24 1944, the plane took off in Lincolnshire, tasked with bombing factories in Germany. It never reached its target, shot down over France.

Crew: The Story of the Men Who Flew RAAF Lancaster J for Jig recreates that fateful night and details the lives of the seven young men on board, including five Australians.

Some were to die that night, others were to survive, withstanding incredible hardships and adventures as prisoners in a war that was far from over.

Author Mike Colman spent years compiling the book as a tribute to all who served in the Bomber Command, including more than 10,000 Australians.

Mike tells Alan the story “reached out and grabbed me quite a long time ago” while playing with his children in a Brisbane park.

“As they were playing on the swings I saw a giant tree and in front of the tree was a big boulder with a plaque on it, saying the tree was planted in memory of Clifford Berger Hopgood who’d been killed on a bombing raid over France in 1944.

“I told the story of one of these men but there were seven on the plane and I’m going to track down all seven.

“Which I did, it took me six years and that’s the book.”

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Author Mike Colman will be giving a talk on the book at the NSW State Library this Friday, March 9. Details HERE.

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