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‘The threat of terrorism in 2018 is very, very real’

1.6 million people welcomed in the New Year along the Sydney Harbour foreshore amid beefed up security measures to combat the threat of terrorism. 

NSW police are commending crowds and say they are generally pleased with how celebrations unfolded.

But Mark Levy is outraged at those criticising the increased police presence in the capital cities last night.

One listener tells Mark “the response on NYE was over the top and unnecessary”, while another says the presence was like living in a “war-torn country”.

Mark Levy:

“Are you serious?

Have you not seen the terrorists armed with knives and guns murdering innocent people?

What’s more confronting; people losing their lives or police armed with rifles to respond to acts of terror?

The threat of terrorism in 2018 is very, very real.”

Deputy Commissioner Jeff Loy speaks with Mark about the behaviour of NYE revellers and the increased security.

“The security operation we put on was very robust, but it was very measured and appropriate.”

Mr Loy says the overall behaviour of those out-and-about was “exemplary”.

The Deputy Commissioner tells Mark there were seven arrests for police assault and those people have been charged and will “cop the consequences of their actions”.

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President of NSW Police Association Scott Weber also phoned in.

“We’ve learnt from the mistake overseas, and we’re putting in preventative measures that keep the community of NSW safe.

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