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Heartbreaking moment a grandson was forced outside at grandfather’s funeral

Ben Fordham campaign

Rocco Papalia stood outside a church, watching his grandfather’s funeral through a window.

Due to social distancing restrictions in NSW Rocco wasn’t allowed inside the service of his late grandfather, Vincenzo Romeo.

Ben Fordham is calling on the NSW government to immediately double the number of people allowed at funerals to 100.

Rocco, 37, told Ben it was a difficult time.

“As much as you wanted to break the law and go in there and have a proper send-off you couldn’t.

“I’ve known him my whole life. Not many people have got that privilege to know their grandparents that long.”

His aunt, Fiorella Romeo, is begging the NSW government to lift the restrictions.

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Ben Fordham pushes for funeral restrictions to be eased in NSW

Ben Fordham campaign