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‘The government has dropped the ball’: Victims waiting two years for justice

Victims and witnesses are waiting up to two years before ever stepping inside a courtroom, as NSW courts drown in cases.

Improved funding and technology advances are allowing police to make more arrests.

However, the rise in arrests has seen a backlog of cases before the District Court.

“Police are not sitting in their stations, they’re getting out and they’re locking up people and they’re putting them before the courts,”  NSW Law Society president Doug Humphreys tells Ben Fordham.

“The courts have to have the resources to be able to deal with them efficiently and effectively.”

Mr Humphreys is calling on the Premier to appoint more judges and allocate better funding for legal services to help clear the backlog.

Our District Court system “went from being the most efficient in the country five years ago to now being the most inefficient in the country,” Mr Humphreys says.

“Even in the best case, memories will fade, witnesses will go overseas, they may die.

“The best case can go bad because it’s been delayed.

“Victims are entitled to go on with their lives, they do not want to have to wait two years to see justice.

“The government has dropped the ball on this matter”

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