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The Big Guns weigh in on what they hate most

Graham Richardson and Andrew Bolt join Ben Fordham to talk about the 2018 Budget, defence spending and the words they detest the most.

The Big Guns were asked whether the 2018 Budget, which has been labelled a “poison pill for the economy”, will be a vote-saver.

Graham says personal tax cuts will make an appearance and Andrew agrees.

“I think we are going to get what our system almost requires…which are personal tax cuts, not company tax cuts, whether or not we can afford them.”

Ben asked them what words they hate the most following a New York pub banning patrons who use the word “literally”.

Andrew wants to see one over-used word completely abolished.

“There’s the absolute misuse of the word racist which surely should be banned until we really agree on its proper use. Racism now means anti-racism.”

Graham’s choice wasn’t a word or phrase but bad grammar.

“I don’t like the habit of misusing the language. People say, ‘I will action this’. ‘Action’ is a noun. Why can’t you say, ‘I’ll act on this.'”

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