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The Big Guns slam Gladys Berejiklian for ‘abandoning ship’

The Big Guns have hit out at the NSW Premier as the controversy surrounding the abortion bill divides the Liberal Party. 

Premier Gladys Berejiklian is in London as part of trade talks with key European companies but some believe her job may be at risk back home.

Many MP’s within the party have rejected the bill with concerns over the terms around late-term abortions and gender selection.

Former Labor senator Graham Richardson tells Ben Fordham the Premier’s job could be at risk.

“I’m amazed by what she’s done, particularly about not being here.

“I just don’t think that something as controversial as this, the boss can afford to rack off somewhere overseas, you just can’t do it.

“All she’s done is just abandon ship here.”

Peta Credlin tells Ben she supports decriminalising early abortion but that this is not a fight the NSW government needs.

“I find this mystifying on so many levels. It’s a fight that we don’t need in NSW.

“Why is she picking a fight she didn’t need to pick… I was at a number of events with Liberals over the weekend, left-Liberals, right Liberals and everywhere in between, they are furious.”

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