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Senior Liberals tear shreds off each other in explosive on-air clash


Senior Liberal figures have butted heads over the abortion bill in a fiery interview on The Ray Hadley Morning Show

The Liberal Party are bitterly divided over the issue of abortion, with the debate coming to a head during a heated argument between Health Minister Brad Hazzard and indigenous leader Warren Mundine.

Mr Mundine, a former Liberal candidate, attacked the Premier’s support for the legislation.

“It was a grubby little deal with the Greens.

“I just find it amazing that they’re going against their partyroom, they’re going against the membership.

“And yet they seem to think that they can get away with this all the time. Well, I’m going to call it out.”

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NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard called in following the interview, denying there was a secret deal with the bill’s creator independent MP Alex Greenwich.

“Before the election earlier this year, did you speak to Alex Greenwich about the abortion bill?” asks Ray Hadley.

“My recollection is I did not,” says the Minister.

“This is not a Liberal Party bill, this is a conscience vote.”

After Ray questioned why gender selection won’t be explicitly outlawed by the legislation, Warren Mundine called back in.

He directly attacked the Minister in an amazing, public spat between Liberal Party colleagues.

Mundine: “You are dancing around telling fibs. If you were opposed to selective sex abortions you should’ve had that in the legislation today… in actual fact, you’re going to wait until a child dies before you’re actually going to do something about it.”

Hazzard: “That is actually a completely erroneous suggestion… you’re being silly.”

Mundine: “No, you’re being silly… you’re prepared for a child to lose its life before you do something about it.”

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Ray Hadley was livid at the Minister’s refusal to outlaw gender selection abortions in the legislation after it was revealed it has been happening in Victoria.

Ray: “Look, you’re playing with the life of a child!”

Hazzard: “Actually Ray, I object to you saying that.”

Ray: “I don’t give a bugger what you object to! Minister, you’re on this program telling lies!”


Image: Nine – Cole Bennetts/Pat Scala