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Tensions run high in Canberra as Turnbull and Joyce trade barbs

Tensions are running high in Canberra with the Prime Minister and his deputy caught in a war of words.

Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce has criticised Malcolm Turnbull’s comments about changes to the ministerial code of conduct as “inept” and “caused further harm”.

The Prime Minister had earlier said Mr Joyce’s actions had set off a “world of woe” and “appalled all of us”.

Ben Fordham asks Liberal MP Craig Kelly whether the Prime Minister went too far.

“I don’t think he did.

“He [Mr Turnbull] has been frustrated because he’s seen the newspapers for the last two weeks having Barnaby on the front page when all the good work we’ve been going in government as a coalition… all that good work has been pushed off into the ether.”

Mr Kelly says the situation could have been dealt with better.

“In hindsight, there’s a lot of things in this area that could’ve been done a lot better.

“We can’t go back and change the past.

“For the best of the country, sort it out and let’s get back on with the job of government.”

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Political editor at Sky News, David Speers, speaks to Ben about whether the Prime Minister’s relationship with his deputy can survive.

“It’s pretty grim. It’s very hard to see how they can patch things up.

“The reality is the pressure is all on the Nationals right now. Do they stick with Barnaby Joyce or not?”

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