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Barnaby Joyce says Prime Minister’s comments “caused further harm”

Tensions in Canberra have intensified as Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce criticises the Prime Minister.

Mr Joyce has hit back at the Prime Minister’s changes to the ministerial code of conduct, saying his comments were “inept” and “caused further harm”.

“In regards to comments by the Prime Minister, in many instances, they caused further harm. They were in many instances inept and in many instances unnecessary.”

Changes to the code will result in sexual relationships between ministers and their younger staff being banned.

Mr Joyce has also criticised the media for scrutinising his “private life”.

He says he will remain the National Party’s leader.

Mr Joyce again apologised to his family and to his new pregnant partner Vikki Campion.

“I apologise to Natalie, I apologise to my daughters, I apologise to Vikki.”

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Opposition leader Bill Shorten says this “crisis cannot be allowed to continue” when he fronted the media this afternoon.

“Yesterday Mr Turnbull declared war on Mr Joyce. Today Mr Joyce has declared war on Mr Turnbull.

“What Australians want is they want their politicians to serve.

“Mr Turnbull must sack his Deputy Prime Minister from the cabinet.”

Chris Smith speaks to Macquarie Radio’s political editor Michael Pachi, who says it’s now “open warfare”.

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