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Sydney Water’s delay in fixing massive leak

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Sydney Water has failed to fix a huge water leak on a footpath in Sydney’s south after being notified of it on The Ben Fordham Show.

Listener Robert called in about three weeks ago during an interview with a representative from Sydney Water.

He alerted them to a leak on the footpath of Bonds Road in Riverwood that he says has been there for around three months.

He says the fence was erected around the leak and a hole dug but it still hasn’t been fixed.

See the video of the leak filmed today

Riverwood resident Robert Cass tells Ben Fordham he is a gardener himself and is shocked.

“You calculate it and it’s thousands and thousands of litres, I mean we’re emptying out the dam.

“It really disappoints me.”

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Sydney Water’s Peter Hadfield tells Ben a broken valve nearby is responsible for the leak, causing the delay, but it will be fixed by Tuesday.

“Apologies for misleading Mr Cass beforehand.

“We were under the understanding that break had been fixed at Riverwood.

“In this case, it was just an incredibly complicated job.”

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