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State government considering industrial manslaughter laws after 18yo’s death

The NSW state government is considering introducing laws to allow criminal charges to be brought against negligent employers.

The Cassaniti family has been campaigning for industrial manslaughter laws to be introduced after 18-year-old Christopher Cassaniti died when scaffolding collapsed on him at a Macquarie Park construction site.

Better Regulation Minister Kevin Anderson has confirmed the state government is considering the laws, but isn’t able to introduce them just yet because NSW is part of a national scheme.

“We will be pushing hard on the federal government to come back to us.

“What we will do, though, we will consider going alone if need be.

“Now, Queensland has done that but they have not had any prosecutions under their industrial manslaughter laws. We’re digging down to find out why.”

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Christopher’s mother Patrizia says she’s met with the minister and is confident he’s doing “everything he can” to implement the laws.

“I believe that he does feel strongly about doing something about the industrial manslaughter laws.

“I know that there’s a process involved, but I will be fighting for it to actually be implemented. If I’ve got to go to the top, I’ll go to the top.”

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