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Star radio duo join 2GB!

Radio veterans George Moore and Paul B Kidd are making the hop to 2GB.

Long the backbone of 2UE on weekends, and more recently Talking Lifestyle, the duo are bringing their show across the hall.

Taking up shop from 9am Saturdays and Sundays, they’re kicking things off this weekend.

“One thing I’ve known over the 36 years I’ve worked in radio… sometimes things change for the better,” says Ray Hadley.

“I’m going to be convinced what’s happening on 2GB and 4BC this Saturday is for the better.”

When Ray made the move from 2UE to 2GB 17 years ago, he admits “they rated particularly well, and I didn’t like them much.”

“But all is forgiven in the wonderful world of radio!”

“They’re entertaining they’re funny, they’re informative… they’re not bad blokes either!”

The boys tell Ray they’re excited about the move.

“The beaut thing, of course, is we’re bringing the majority of our contributors with us,” says Paul.

“So very little is changing.

“And all of the lunatics that come with us, they’re the same!”

Listen to the full interview below