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Gladys vs Foley: ‘It will be scandalous and a complete waste of money’

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In a major backflip, the state government has abandoned plans to knock down and rebuild ANZ Stadium.

The NSW Government will instead remodel ANZ stadium into a rectangular area with seat and roof upgrades, saving close to $500 million.

The knock-down and rebuild of Allianz Stadium at Moore Park will go ahead, at a cost of $730 million.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian tells Ben Fordham the future investment, costing $1.5 million, strikes “a good balance”.

She says the backflip came down to two things.

“It’s a combination of two things, definitely one of them is listening and the other one is doing our homework.

“Listening to the community [is] critical in any major decision.”

The Premier admits the stadiums are not as large a priority as schools and hospitals but are still critical infrastructure for Sydney.

“It’s still important to our state, we don’t want to get left behind.”

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NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley tells Ben Fordham he’s not at all on board, labelling the backflip a “comedy of errors”.

“It’s still a $2.2 billion reckless extravagant splurge spend.

“The money would be better off going to schools and hospitals and our paramedics,” he says.

“I will not support building a new stadium at Moore Park.

“It will be scandalous and a complete waste of money.”

Mr Foley tells Ben a Labor government will launch an inquiry into the decision.

“An incoming Labor government next year will hold a special commission of inquiry with royal commission powers.”

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