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Spotify threatens to remove Cory Bernardi’s Australia Day playlist

Music streaming platform Spotify has entered the Australia Day debate, disassociating itself from Cory Bernardi’s Australia Day playlist.

The Australian Conservatives Leader created a playlist of his top 100 Aussie songs as an alternative to the Triple J Hot 100, which has been moved from January 26 due to the ‘Change the Date’ campaign.

But, several of the artists included on the list have distanced themselves, and their songs, from the far right politician.

Mr Bernardi refused to take down the playlist but tells Steve Price he has now been censored by Spotify.

“If I was using any of this music as an introduction to a political rally or as an advertisement I can accept that.

“But I’ve merely done what millions of other people have done, created a playlist of music that I can listen to on Australia Day.

“The artists get paid for it and they’re saying ‘no, you’re not allowed to do that, it’s terrible’.

“I think we’re living in a very dangerous time and that’s why I will not buckle and fold on this.

“Last night we got a message from Spotify saying this playlist was offensive and derogatory comment or something like that.

“So they said they’re going to be removing it.”

Despite Mr Bernardi’s claims, the playlist is still currently available on the streaming service.

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Spotify Australia has released a statement saying, “We want to make clear we do not endorse this playlist, nor do we have any official ties to the Australian Conservatives party nor any other political party.”

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