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Cory Bernadi slams artists after backlash over his Hottest 100 alternative

In response to the ABC’s Triple J changing the date of its Hottest 100, Australia Conservatives Leader Cory Bernadi created his own alternative.

But the countdown named #AC100 has faced backlash since its launch yesterday, with Australia artist Darren Haynes slamming the senator’s decision.

Michael McLaren speaks with Mr Bernadi to get his response.

“What’s happened is I’ve put together 100 songs with some of my mates, Australian songs.

“But some of these virtue signallers have come out and said this is inappropriate because you’re a politician and you’re politicising our music.

“Every single one of these artists allow their music to be streamed. They receive money every single time it’s played. If they don’t want playlists to be created featuring their music they can take it off.

“But they won’t of course because they’re all hungry for the cash.

“I think it suggests the vanity and the narcissism of these individuals. They want people to buy their records. They want politicians to support Australian music industry and yet now they’re saying their music is only for some Australians.

“I’ve done nothing wrong. I’ve merely exercised my right to say I like this music.”

Listen to the full interview below