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Rowdy parents ordered to keep quiet at kids’ sporting games

Close to 800 sporting clubs and associations have signed up to guidelines designed to crack down on abusive parents at kids sporting games.

They call on umpires, referees and managers to “shoosh” crowds in cases of inappropriate behaviour.

“The behaviour of some people on the sidelines is just disgraceful,” says Chris Smith.

Sports Minister Stuart Ayres tells Chris anger, and even violence on the sidelines has turned people away.

“You can’t really blame them can you, Chris?

“Why would you put yourself in a negative environment?”

The minister says the Shoosh for Kids awareness campaign aims to encourage parents to think twice before saying something negative.

“We want kids to play sport, we want officials to come back, we want volunteers to help make all our sporting clubs work.

“We want to create really positive environments for people to be involved in sport in New South Wales.”

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