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Residents haunted by WestConnex construction could finally have answers

Ben Fordham has been campaigning for the residents affected by WestConnex construction to be compensated for the damage caused to their homes.

Last year, he organised for WestConnex Minister Stuart Ayres to meet with affected North Strathfield residents, after they shared their horrific stories with Ben.

And on Sunday, the minister finally met with residents, and he tells Ben “it was very productive”.

“We were able to have a good chat with them and make sure that all of those residents we spoke to had a clear understanding of how they were going to have their issues resolved.”

He tells Ben the damage, if it was caused by the contractor, will be paid for by the contractor.

“I don’t think the taxpayer should have to pay for something that they didn’t cause.”

Mr Ayres says some residents will have answers on whether their damage will be compensated soon.

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