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‘I am in fear that my house will collapse’: Fed-up local demands WestConnex Minister ‘face the residents’

A Strathfield local has taken on the WestConnex Minister, demanding he “face the residents” after cracks began emerging in homes in the area.

Umberto Galasso and Sam Tomeo both told Ben Fordham cracks appeared in their homes when construction for the M4 East tunnel began.

And as the digging continued, the cracks got bigger.

Umberto is now leading a campaign with other residents to get compensation.

“They don’t want to stop construction, they just want someone to pay for the cracks in their walls,” says Ben Fordham.

But while neither Umberto or Sam have made official claims for compensation yet, bizarrely they’ve both been told their claims have been rejected.

Speaking with Ben Fordham, Minister for WestConnex Stuart Ayres says “we want to make sure that the contractor is held to account if any damage is caused by them”.

But Umberto demanded more from Mr Ayres.

“If you’re man enough, come out to Carrington Street and look at the cracks we’ve got.

“We are sick and tired of being given the dummy-run all over the place.

“I am in fear that my house will collapse… I’m scared, I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

Minister Ayres admits he’s “not an engineer” but has vowed to meet with Umberto to inspect the cracks and rectify the situation.

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