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Residents fear their homes will ‘collapse’ as WestConnex debacle continues

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The damage from the WestConnex project is being blasted into the spotlight with furious residents documenting cracks appearing throughout their homes.

It began with the tunnelling for the M4 East.

Sam Tomeo sent Ben Fordham images of his home (see below) in an email, saying “the last two years have been hell”.

He says his complaints have been “completely ignored” by contractors and the NSW Government.

See the damage to Sam’s home after the tunnelling of the WestConnex began

All he wants is for WestConnex to come and properly inspect his house and assess what repairs are required.

But instead of an inspection, he had two officials come to his home last week to tell him they’ve already decided they’re denying his claim.

“We’re not asking for millions of dollars in compensation, we just want the government to come and repair the damage they caused to our home,” he tells Ben.

“Just return it to the way it was before.”

Last week, Umberto Galasso, also a North Strathfield resident, shared his similar story with Ben.

He’s worked in the construction industry for decades and says he has no doubt the construction of WestConnex is responsible for the cracks in his home.

He tells Ben today he’s still waiting on a visit from officials and is furious.

“I go to bed at night wondering am I going to have more cracks or am I going to have a house collapse around me?”

Umberto’s calling on the Minister for WestConnex Stuart Ayres to front up to affected residents.

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