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Residents fighting to save their homes from proposed Sydney freeway

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Proposed changes to the Castlereagh Freeway corridor has residents in Sydney’s west and north-west fighting to save their homes.

The route to link the M7 motorway with the Bells Line of Road has laid unused for decades, but in a letter to residents, the government announced the line has been amended.

Head of Castlereagh Action Group Steve Abbott tells Ray Hadley the route was set to be 1-2km from his home, but it will now run right through his bedroom.

The government is claiming the original line has become a haven for protected species, and can’t be scrapped for the freeway.

Mr Abbott tells Ray otherwise.

“Firstly, the place is a garbage tip, and it’s been a garbage tip for decades.

“The buggers haven’t been to look at our blocks, our blocks are full of old growth trees that have all sorts of habitats.

“We have endangered flora and fauna on our blocks, and that’s where they want to put the bloody road!”

If government move the corridor, Mr Abbott estimates it will add a few extra billion to the bill.

“That’s money you’re going pay, it’s money the rest of the taxpayers in New South Wales are going to pay. That’s a state-wide issue.”

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Residents left devastated by changes to the Castlereagh Freeway corridor