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Residents left devastated by changes to the Castlereagh Freeway corridor

Changes to the Castlereagh Freeway corridor have residents in Sydney’s west and north-west up in arms.

The route to link the M7 motorway with the Bells Line of Road has been owned by the state government ever since being gazetted in 1951.

The corridor has laid unused ever since except by rubbish dumpers, car thieves and trail bike riders.

Residents in the area have known about the planned freeway for decades and purchased land and built homes accordingly, away from the route.

On March 26 this year, these residents had their world’s turned upside down when the government announced the corridor has been amended.

Because it laid unused for so long the government says protected species have now moved in and it cannot be used.

So instead of vacant land being bulldozed, the government will tear up the homes and businesses of hundreds of people.

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Chantelle phoned Ray as one of the people to be affected.

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Dianne will also be affected by the proposed changes.

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