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Reigning champion Jonesy weighs in on ‘Hottest Radio Hunk’ competition

As the competition to be named Australia’s Hottest Radio Hunk 2019 heats up, reigning champion Jonesy has weighed into the conversation.

Ray Hadley has started his own campaign in an attempt to claim victory in the Take 5 competition.

There’s even some friendly rivalry at our own station, with 2GB’s Ben Fordham and Steve Price also named as finalists.

Now, reigning champion Brendan Jones, better known as Jonesy, has weighed in on the competition.

He tells Ben Fordham he knows exactly how he managed to nab the title last year.

“I straddle all demographics, Benjamin, that’s what happens. Mums love me, kids love me, grandmas love me, I’m like Farnham.

“I can’t help if I’m charming and good looking.”

He even had a few choice words for his rival Ray Hadley.

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The winner of the competition, who gets a “sexy shoot” in Take 5 magazine, will be announced in August.

To cast your vote, email the name of your favourite radio hunk to