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Ray Hadley starts his own campaign to be named ‘Hottest Radio Hunk’

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A campaign has been launched for Ray Hadley to be named Australia’s Hottest Radio Hunk 2019.

The push for Ray to be named Take Five magazine’s “wireless wonderboy” was started by… Ray Hadley.

After finishing runner-up to WSFM’s Brendan Jones in 2017, Ray is desperate to go one better.

“I was beaten in a photo finish by Jonesy… he just went on Facebook and said vote for me so he had me covered straight away.”

Ray took a look through the other nominees and weighed in on the competition.

1) Dave Hughes, 48, HIT
2) Kyle Sandilands, 47, KIIS
3) Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald, 42, Nova
4) Ray Hadley, 64, 2GB/4BC
5) Brendan Jones, 51, WSFM
6) Mark Soderstrom, 48, MIX FM
7) Ben Fordham, 42, 2GB
8) Mark Geyer, 51, Triple M
9) Brendan Fevola, 38 –FOX
10) Byron Cooke – FOX
11) Woody Whitelaw, 30 – KIIS
12) Tim Blackwell, 38 – Nova
13) Cameron Daddo, 54 – Smooth FM
14) Mick Molloy, 52 – Triple M
15) Ed Kavalee, 39 – 2Day FM
16) Grant Denyer, 41 – 2Day FM
17) Luke Darcy, 43 – Triple M
18) Sam Pang, 45 – Nova
19) Shaun McManus, 43 – Nova
20) Steve Price, 64 – 2GB/4BC/3AW

Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes – “He’s got a head like a Mongolian trotting duck.”

Kyle Sandilands – “He’d have his admirers.”

Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald – “Fitzy from upstairs is there. 42? He looks 62!”

At 64-years-old, Ray is the equal eldest broadcaster in the final 20 so far, alongside Macquarie Radio colleague Steve Price.

It’s safe to say Ray thinks he has the Night’s host covered.

“I want to withdraw from the competition. If he beats me, I’ll retire!

“Pricey you cute little thing,” laughs Ray.

2GB Drive host Ben Fordham is also in the running, with some friendly rivalry no doubt on its way.

The winner, who gets a “sexy shoot” in Take 5 magazine, will be announced in August.

To vote for Ray (or Steve and Ben), email