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Ray’s family recognised with heritage listing

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After months of campaigning Hadley Park has finally secured the heritage listing it deserves.

The Castlereagh property has a special significance for Ray, belonging to his fourth great-grandfather Charles Hadley in the 18th century.

The homestead’s historic significance is undeniable as one of Australia’s oldest farming estates.

Despite this, keeping it on the map for future generations has been an uphill battle.

In February this year, the Penrith Lakes Development Corporation assured Ray that Hadley Park would be protected only to go back on its word.

It didn’t end well for their Chairman Keith Carew, whose lies were called out live on air.

Mr Carew quickly returned to his original position, supporting Hadley House as a heritage property.

Today, after months of back and forth, the government has stepped up and given the significant site the protection it deserves.

“I think it’s very important that structures such as that are retained for hundreds of years to come,” Ray says.

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