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This ‘jewel in the crown’ links to Ray Hadley’s ancestors

Hadley Park has been described as the “jewel in the crown” when it comes to European heritage sites in Australia.

Our own Ray Hadley has links to the Penrith home, with his fourth great-grandfather residing in the two-storey homestead when he came to Australia in the 18th century.

Ray Hadley speaks to Chairman of Penrith Lakes Development Corporation, Keith Carew, to find out more.

“It’s all coming to completion now.  There’s never been any doubt about maintaining Hadley Park.

“From a European heritage point of view, Hadley Park is the absolute jewel in the crown.”

Keith says public interest has been absolutely overwhelming but it could be a while until tourists are allowed to view the site.

“That’s a question for the government. We’ve just about completed the scheme.

‘There’s still some work to go on. We’re waiting on the government.”

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