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The truth leaves this liar fumbling for his words

UPDATE | Penrith Lakes Development Corporation has changed its tune and will fully support the heritage listing of Hadley House.

Chairman Keith Carew tells Ray Hadley PLDC “unequivocally supports the listing”.

Ray Hadley is calling out Penrith Lakes Development Corporation Chairman Keith Carew after he backflipped on a decision to heritage list Hadley House.

The house at Hadley Park was built by Ray’s fourth great grandfather in 1806, and he’s fighting to have it protected.

But he’s called out Carew, who, after telling Ray he would work to have the “jewel in the crown” home protected, objected to it being heritage listed.

“I won’t cop being lied to. You’ve objected to it, yes or no?” says Ray.

“You lie to me once, you lie to me twice. I won’t let you do it three times.”

Mr Carew is left fumbling for his words.

He denies the backflip is related to development deals, telling Ray it’s to do with other sites in the area deserving a listing.

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See the full statement from PLDC below

“I appreciate that there has been a lack of clarity in PLDC’s position on heritage listing of Hadley House.

“To be clear, PLDC unequivocally supports the listing and will make certain that our support for the listing is conveyed to the Heritage Council.

“All aspects of heritage listing are completely unrelated to land use discussions with Government elsewhere in the Penrith Lakes Scheme.”