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Ray Hadley tears up in emotional interview with young women who carry MND gene

Ray Hadley has been brought to tears in an emotional interview with three young women who carry the gene for Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

The incurable condition slowly shuts down a person’s muscles until they can no longer move, speak and eventually breathe.

Rebecca, Kaitlyn and Jessica all found out they are genetic carriers of MND after losing parents to the disease.

Rebecca lost her dad when she was just 14, and has a 100 per cent chance of developing the deadly condition at some stage in her life.

Sisters Kaitlyn and Jessica lost their mum to the disease, and have a 50 per cent chance of contracting it.

“It’s still a confronting thought. Any little thing, you think you’re contracting it,” says Jessica.

To get through each day, Kaitlyn says she takes inspiration from her late mum.

“I just know how my mum fought so hard, and if she can do it then I know one day I’m gonna be able to do it.

“If I’m half as amazing as her I know I’m gonna beat this disease.”

Ray has been campaigning for greater MND research funding for two decades and teared up after hearing their stories, promising to help them in any way they need.

“I wanna commit to you that whatever you need from me, you’ll get.

“You only have to ask, and I’ll be there for the three of you in every possible way.

“You are inspirational.”

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Rebecca, Caitlin and Jessica are encouraging anyone who carries the gene to join the support group MND Genies.

For more information on the group CLICK HERE

Horse trainer Gary Portelli also spoke to Ray about the condition.

He was part of a pigeon racing fundraiser to raise $40,000 for MND.

Mr Portelli tells Ray the racing pigeons go unnoticed.

“You’d be watching the footy Ray, and there’d be probably a couple of thousand pigeons go over the football ground, you wouldn’t know.”

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