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Ray Hadley recalls ‘the greatest moment’ of his broadcasting career

Today marks twenty years to the day since Cathy Freeman sprinted across the line to secure the 400m gold medal.

Ray Hadley called the race that would become one of the most iconic moments in Australian history.

“I’ve been fortunate; I’ve been to all parts of the world calling rugby league, and I went to six Olympic Games, and four or five Commonwealth Games,” he told Jim Wilson.

“I’ve called plenty of sport, but that is etched in my memory as the greatest moment in my broadcasting career.”

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Fellow Olympic athlete and friend of Cathy Freeman Tamsyn Manou told Jim Wilson the moment still gives her goosebumps.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody unite a whole nation like Cathy Freeman did that night.”

The pair were roommates in the Olympic Village at the Sydney Games, and Ms Manou recalled a ‘humanising’ moment she shared with Ms Freeman the night before they competed.

“Catherine’s quite quiet, she doesn’t talk as much as me … but she was in the other bed, and she said ‘Okay, I’m just going to keep talking’.

“‘If you fall asleep that’s fine, I just feel like I need to keep talking’. I thought ‘Oh my gosh Cath, this is the best thing ever’.

“I love talking – if there was an Olympic gold medal, this is my moment for it!”

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