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Ray Hadley issues heartfelt thank you to Julia Gillard

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Ray Hadley has issued a heartfelt thank you to former prime minister Julia Gillard.

Ms Gillard was a distinguished guest in parliament as Prime Minister Scott Morrison delivered a national apology to survivors of institutional child sexual abuse.

A cast iron tree has been erected on the front lawns of parliament in memory of the victims who are no longer with us.

Ray has spent his entire career fighting to deliver stronger punishments for paedophiles and those who protect them.

He thanked Ms Gillard for the incredible contribution she made while in government.

“Without her, we wouldn’t have had a Royal Commission.

“There are many people out there who didn’t want Julia Gillard to be a prime minister, and there were shortcomings.

“But if you reflect on what some other prime ministers have done over history, the fact that she was the one and prime motivator for a royal commission brings her great, great credit.”

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Ray also reflects on the early days of his career and those who tried to silence him from speaking out.

“I first started talking about child sexual abuse on my radio program in about 1992.

“At the time I was told by programmers it was too distasteful and distressing to discuss such matters on mainstream radio.”

“I didn’t have a strong voice then, I was a part-time talkback host…”