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Ray Hadley demands return to Aussie manufacturing amid foreign-made ferry chaos

There are calls to manufacture all further transport infrastructure projects domestically in the wake of the Sydney Ferry fiasco.

The design of the Indonesian-built River Class ferries will force passengers off the upper deck when travelling under low bridges, and “gasping for air” in the non-air conditioned cabin in summer heat.

Ray Hadley blasted the NSW government for diverting construction of the new ferries overseas.

“I know the bottom line always speaks volumes … but surely as we move forward … there’s got to be a view put forward that maybe we need to rekindle manufacturing in Australia.

Shadow transport minister Chris Minns told Ray the short-term savings from foreign manufacturing can end up costing more in the long run, due to the “quirks” of transport requirements in overseas jurisdictions.

“I actually jumped on the Austrade website Ray … and it’s got a whole section on Australian shipbuilding.

“We’re trying to sell Australian ferries made here to other countries, but it doesn’t seem good enough for the NSW government.

“It’s crazy!”

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